Monetise your event audience and improve their experience year round.

Make your exhibition brand an additional SIX FIGURES and improve your customer experience ten fold.

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During my days as a Trade Show Event Marketer, I would often be put under pressure by the powers that be to monetise our audience

The problem was the events we had were always free to attend and focused predominantly on quality and footfall - and yes, in that order. The balance between the two meant you wouldn’t want to create any barrier between a quality visitor with a buying need and your hall full of paying vendors looking to meet them, especially if charging for it hindered their attendance and experience.

So, you’d open the doors and plaster:

(or whatever clever copywriting trick you’d find to up registration) and keep ploughing endlessly through your data.

The problem with that is:

And nobody has marketed the cattle experience as a key benefit, have they?

For one event of mine...

We had over 

0 +

 unique attendees.

The thrill of having that many people, achieving a World-Class NPS and other visitor experience metrics still runs through me; yet the question I was repeatedly asked by the owner of the group was:

“How can we make at least £1 off them? That would pay for your [leaving the specifics here out for a second] budget”.

Crash back down to Earth.

The age old question in the events world haunted me for years; I just couldn’t seem to let this go.

It makes total sense on paper and budget items, but it has never materialised before in the events industry.

But, I finally cracked it.

If you're an Event Director, Content Director or Marketing Director for a Conference or Exhibition organiser who wants to throw the answer into motion and deliver six figures or more, all while improving your customer experience, then book a demo with me and I'll show our step by step process, what we’ve built, how we use it ourselves and how we can give you the solution you're looking for.

I wish I had this in my back pocket within those meetings with the boss.

Here’s how you make six figures and improve your customer experience ten fold.


Connexion (CXN) is the event industry's first "Done for You" membership service that quickly positions your brand as a powerful and flexible membership hub, ensuring year-round relevance that creates enhanced customer relationships and positions your brand as the industry authority and #1 choice.

Your Done for You Service Partner

You're probably thinking that building a Membership offering and platform for your visitor and exhibitor audience is really hard, and you'd be absolutely right. If done right, your platform will ensure your event brand flourishes year round, you'll be able to build out of the 'X days of the year' relevancy model you're stuck in, and you'll be able to create compelling value for your customers year after year.

Done wrong, and it could be a hugely expensive waste of time and resources. And if not done at all, it will leave you vulnerable to others in your market upping their game as well as new, dynamic brands who are about to enter your space and take your customers.

Lucky for you, we do it right.



Create endless membership plans with any type of billing profile - from recurring subscriptions to one-time purchases. Plus, offer free trials, coupons, upsells & more.

Sales Funnel

End-to-end user registration and checkout flow for your products or service. Use our proven funnels for optimized conversion.

Unlimited Courses

Create and manage your course offering with various media like detailed articles, video training, downloadable content and more.

Unlimited Members

Give your members access to personal profile creation and searchable directory within your private member network.

Unlimited Groups

Organize your community into groups with invite systems, social feeds, and private vs public settings, and let them create their own.

Unlimited Events

Manage your private member-only events calendar including Member Organised Events. Ensuring your event is top of the agenda for their VIP access.

Affiliate Programme

Grow revenue and incentivize your members with affiliate tools and tracking features to boost your Member numbers organically and authentically.

Corporate Accounts

Sell group memberships with defined seat limits. Increase your revenue potential and let members take over sub-account management with this feature.

Reporting & Analytics

We provide in-depth reporting on all your critical metrics - CLV, LTV, recurring revenue, average churn/retention and more.

Web Hosting

Let us manage your Membership site with our Web Hosting partners, relax as you focus on your audience and leave us to ensure the technical bits are delivering.

Payment Integration

Integrate your site witn major payment gateways including Stripe, and PayPal. All you need is an account, we take care of the rest.

Email Integration

Integrate with one of our email marketing providers to keep your members synced with your email lists and campaigns.


This is how the year looks for almost all events and their audiences:


This is how the year looks for events with CXN at the core:

You need the event industries first "Done for You" membership service to quickly launch your brand as a powerful and flexible hub for your industry. Let us show you how.

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