Nevergrey works with organisations and individuals, who are driven by social purpose, to make the world a better place.

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"Those with social purpose at their core will change the world." We made that up, but you can quote us on it if you like, we believe in it that much. Follow our blog and read our journey on exciting individuals and organisations who have it in them to change our futures.

About Nevergrey

A little bit about Nevergrey since you're here...

Nevergrey was born out of a simple premise - there are wonderful people in the world doing wonderful things, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could spend our time helping them do that? It is.

Our clients range from individuals to bigger organisations across all sectors. The one thing they all have in common is that they to want to make the world a better place. We only work on projects that have social purpose at the core. And the great thing is that as we're a small, family run business, we see our clients as our family too.

Our work varies from client to client – we pride ourselves on providing bespoke services that are rooted in integrity. Here's a list of some of the things we offer...

Identity Development
From working together to identify exactly which cause it is that you are passionate about, to creating the brand that effectively represents it – and all that's in between.
Idea creation and development
So you know which cause you care about, but you're not sure how to go about supporting it? We've got this... we'll work with you to create an initiative that's got you written all over it.
Digital platforms
We design a mean website.
Promotional campaigns
If you're doing something you care about, you should let people know about it. We like to think out of the box with promotional campaigns – no billboards or bus adverts here, we'll get you reaching your audiences authentically.
Networking opportunities
We're better together, and in our experience when good people meet, good things happen. And we love making good things happen.


Our team

Anthony Dunn
Acclaimed brand strategist with a gift for creative marketing and a passion for immersive events. Former Head of Brand for Bett, the world's largest education event, Anthony's eye for design and authentic brand representation has resulted in several award winning campaigns, including Best Use of Social Media, as well as being awarded Best Marketer and Best Event.
Kate Robinson
International consultant in creativity and innovation in education. Kate's expertise lies in raising the profile of inspiring initiatives, with a particular focus on startups, and building strong partnerships with purpose. Her passion lies in engaging youth voice, and through this work has been awarded for Outstanding Contribution to Education Empowerment.



We love coffee.

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