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Unlock Your Creative Potential with Our Inspiring Range of Initiatives

At Nevergrey, we have developed a suite of unique initiatives to help individuals and organisations explore and unlock their creative potential. Our initiatives are designed to inspire, engage, and support you on your journey towards harnessing the power of creativity and innovation. Discover our range of offerings below:


The Creative Revolution: A Creativity Membership Body Inspired by Sir Ken Robinson

Join our membership community, The Creative Revolution, and gain access to a wealth of resources, expert guidance, and a network of like-minded individuals, all dedicated to furthering the creative legacy of Sir Ken Robinson. As a member, you’ll benefit from regular content updates, webinars, and networking opportunities, empowering you to unlock your creativity and make a lasting impact on the world.

Imagine if... Festival: A Celebration of Human Potential, Imagination, and Creativity

Immerse yourself in our annual Imagine if… Festival, a vibrant event that brings together creatives, innovators, and thought leaders from around the globe. Experience inspiring talks, interactive workshops, and unique performances, all designed to ignite your imagination and help you embrace the power of creativity in your life and work.

The SKR Legacy Collective Fund: Honouring Sir Ken Robinson's Legacy through Impactful Projects

Support the transformative work of The SKR Legacy Collective Fund, a charity dedicated to honouring and continuing Sir Ken Robinson’s mission to create a more vibrant, diverse, and inclusive society. By focusing on projects in education, environment, and culture, the fund strives to nurture a wide array of talents and interests, fostering positive change in communities across the globe.

Sir Ken Robinson devoted his life to championing a richer understanding of human creativity and intelligence in education and organisations. The SKR Legacy Collective Fund carries on this vital work, investing in projects that align with his vision and values. By contributing to the fund, you are helping to create lasting impact in the areas that mattered most to Sir Ken, ensuring that his legacy continues to inspire and transform lives for generations to come.

Imagine if... Creating a Future for Us All: A Groundbreaking Book Published by Penguin

Dive into the pages of Sir Ken Robinson’s Manifesto, co-authored by Kate Robinson, and their internationally acclaimed book, ‘Imagine if… Creating a Future for Us All’, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and creative transformation. Published by Penguin and available in bookstores worldwide, this short book pulls together all of Sir Ken Robinson’s key arguments and serve as a call to action for the education revolution he spent his life advocating for.

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