World Book Day special – Nevergrey vlog #2

March 2, 2018


World Book Day special – Nevergrey vlog #2

World Book Day special – Nevergrey vlog #2

As a special treat for World Book Day, our latest vlog showcases 5 books that we absolutely love here at Nevergrey!

We hope you enjoy this latest video for World Book Day, if you missed our first vlog on our recent trip to Edinburgh you can view it here. We’d love to know your thoughts on the books chosen as well as the video itself, please leave us some comments below and give it a like on YouTube should you wish (and whilst you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe!)

As you can see, the first attempt was (stupidly) made to film our latest vlog outdoors in the London snow, however the “Beast from the East” claimed not only this video as one of it’s first victims as it was simply too cold and too wet to film – but also Anthony’s beard too! Beard icicles. Who knew!

These books are extremely important to us here at Nevergrey, and whilst this year we’ve seemed to have sailed through countless more books, audiobooks, ebooks and more – all feverishly read and loved by our team, we unanimously agreed upon these 5 featured as a reflection of where we as a company are at this moment in time.

Thank you to the authors featured for opening our eyes, hearts, minds and also our mouths. We champion your thoughts committed and cannot wait to continue to champion even more from you in the future.

No book, publisher nor author paid for to be featured in this video. We just love these books.

By the way, we have NO IDEA what happened to the light We’ll try to fix it for next time!

You can buy the books featured here (and are in NO particular order):
Do Disrupt – Mark Shayler –
The Element – Sir Ken Robinson –
Do Purpose – David Hieatt –
The Brand Gap – Marty Neumeier –
You, Your Child, and School – Sir Ken Robinson –

For more about us at Nevergrey and what we’re up to, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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