About Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is a hub of inspiration where artists and emerging talent create extraordinary work and where young people can grow creatively as individuals. They believe in the power of creativity to change lives. By giving young people the chance to engage with the arts through our music, media and performance projects, the Roundhouse inspire them to reach further, dream bigger, and achieve more.


“Creativity gives us freedom, hope and has the power to transform.”

Each year, the Roundhouse give thousands of 11–25-year-olds the chance to develop their skills and confidence through creativity – in music, media or the performing arts. They help them find new perspectives and new directions. Whether it’s helping someone get into education, or out of a rut. Or supporting their early career in the arts. Whatever the spark, the Roundhouse nurture it into a flame that can change everything.


Our work with Roundhouse

In conjunction with our work with Sir Ken Robinson and his involvement as Associate Creative Curator, our activities with the Roundhouse include:

events | marketing campaigns | funding | partnerships | content creation and much more


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