March 27, 2022 |

Educate Magazine – Interview with Kate Robinson

Educate Magazine - Interview with Kate Robinson

Liverpool-born Sir Ken Robinson will forever be an influential figure in education. His TEDTalk ‘Do schools kill creativity?’ from 2006 is the most watched online with more than 66 million views. He championed creativity and stressed that the education system needs to cultivate creativity and divergent thinking rather than being focused on measurable academic knowledge. 

Before Sir Ken passed away, he asked his daughter Kate to complete the book he had been working on for many years. Earlier this month the book was published and Educate had the opportunity to chat with Kate to find out more about the meaning of the book and the process of writing it without her dad by her side. 

Kate, please tell us about the concept of the book ‘Imagine if…’? 

The book is a manifesto. It is the distillation of all of my dad’s core arguments and beliefs. The primary concept essentially is that as a species we are currently facing two climate crises: the climate of our natural resources, so the planet’s resources that we depend upon to survive, and then another one which is a crisis of our human resources, so the diversity of talents and skills that our cultures need to survive. 

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