Educate Magazine – Interview with Kate Robinson

Liverpool-born Sir Ken Robinson will forever be an influential figure in education. His TEDTalk ‘Do schools kill creativity?’ from 2006 is the most watched online with more than 66 million views. He championed creativity and stressed that the education system needs to cultivate creativity and divergent thinking rather than being focused on measurable academic knowledge. Before Sir Ken passed […]

‘Imagine if…’ is now available!

In the years before he passed away, Sir Ken had been working on a manifesto – a short book that would pull together all of his key arguments and serve as a call to action for the education revolution he spent his life advocating for. His wish was for his daughter Kate to complete the book after […]

Forbes – Towards A Creative Future: Rethinking Schools For The 21st Century

Creativity should be integral to all areas of study, according to Sir Ken Robinson (Pic: Getty Creative)

Schools are in need of a complete overhaul to meet the challenges of the 21st century, according to the last testament of the world’s leading advocate for creativity in the classroom. Sir Ken Robinson spent a lifetime making the case for more creativity in the curriculum, before his death in 2020. His TED Talk “Do Schools […]


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