Nevergrey Keynotes at Fundació Tr@ms Innovate

July 10, 2017


Nevergrey keynote Fundació Tr@ms

Nevergrey Keynotes at Fundació Tr@ms Innovate

Kate and Anthony present to a wonderful  audience of 825 teachers in Sant Cugat, Barcelona.

What a year so far! Fresh (not so fresh!) off the plane from Los Angeles, pit stop in London for a day, and then back on the road to Barcelona where Nevergrey keynotes at Fundació Tr@ms – a wonderful education innovation conference.

Not only were we welcomed so wonderfully by all, but received fantastic feedback from both our keynote sessions.

Kate, on behalf of our magic client HundrED, presented ‘How the world’s leading change-makers view the next 100 years of education’. Showcasing fascinating insight into 5 key threads found in the HundrED research:

  • Personalised Learning
  • Cross-Curricular Learning
  • Real World Learning
  • Global Learning, and
  • Change from Within

Shortly after, Anthony debuted his topic “Your School as a Brand!” – a comparative between corporate learning’s/brand evolution and how they can be applied to schools.

The key message for schools, your customers are families, let’s recognise that and empower them to develop the school and its community.

Again, really fantastic feedback for this session as seen here:

Thank you to all that came, and special mention once again to the organisers who kindly invited us to speak – a truly wonderful event that we’ll keep a fond eye on for years to come!


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