May 19, 2017 |

Imagination Matters! What a great evening at the Imagination Lab!

Imagination Matters! What a great evening at the Imagination Lab!

Nevergrey were proud to be invited, and attend, the launch of “Anenome” – the new, stunningly engineered installation @IOIsphere, commissioned by the fantastic Insitute of Imagination (iOi).

The new interactive exhibit has over 200 custom switches, all with LEDs, computers, audio loops, games and even handryers! The surprises with it are as playful, and as extensible, as your imagination – and that’s the fantastic point.

To watch a group of adults in awe, exploring and intrigued, watching balloons being released from the ceiling following a certain combination of flicked switches was quite a sight. Great entertainment to watch, and I can’t wait to hear feedback from the kids who interact with it! The possibilities are endless.

A little about the iOi.

The Institute of Imagination is creating a new kind of space for imaginations to grow. A world-class cultural destination in London that puts children at its heart. And a place for families to make, play, create and explore together.

“Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement. Imaginative thinking and creative skills are increasingly being recognised as a vital resource for equipping young people to face the future.

I am delighted to support the Institute as Patron and its ambitious vision to ‘create space for children to re-imagine the world’.

Sir Ken Robinson

Author, speaker and international advisor on education and creativity. Institute of Imagination Patron.


Special thanks to our friends the Institute of Imagination for inviting us, and huge congrats to the fantastic Concept Shed who engineered the installation. Shawn from ConceptShed also told us of his YouTube channel, KidsInventStuff, that you should definitely check out!

A truly lovely evening.

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