Forbes – Towards A Creative Future: Rethinking Schools For The 21st Century

Creativity should be integral to all areas of study, according to Sir Ken Robinson (Pic: Getty Creative)

Schools are in need of a complete overhaul to meet the challenges of the 21st century, according to the last testament of the world’s leading advocate for creativity in the classroom. Sir Ken Robinson spent a lifetime making the case for more creativity in the curriculum, before his death in 2020. His TED Talk “Do Schools […]

We’re in TIME Magazine!

We’ll highlight the section but… did you know Kate and Nevergrey were mentioned in Time Magazine?  Why Dropping Out of School Could Actually Help Your Kid, According to One Education Expert Source: Time “Sir Ken Robinson is the kind of person who has always been good at school. He spent more than a decade as […]

Imagination deficit threatens UK workforce

Source: BDaily News The increasing use of AI and automation is changing the workforce landscape so dramatically that in just over a decade, 85% of people will be working in jobs that have not yet been invented. Leaders from business and other sectors have come together to show support for a campaign, Imagination Matters, powered […]


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